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Internationalize with experienced advisors

Founded in 2014, Eurolink is a close-knit network of professionals with accounting, tax, legal, HR & payroll, and business intelligence backgrounds. We specialize in helping investors set up, expand and maintain operations in foreign markets – focusing on Asia and Central/Eastern Europe.

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We enable businesses to grow

Our 360-degree approach combines the expertise of multiple service providers across disciplines. This all-inclusive method enables SMEs to save on internal staff expenses, avoid recruiting to supplement a skill gap, and prevents the need to manage multiple suppliers during the internationalization process.

When internet research and guesswork will only get you so far

Entering a foreign market is a tempting and exciting prospect for companies ready to grow their business outside of their own domestic one. It can enable your business to diversify your revenue streams, tap into a new customer base and accelerate your growth. 

Expanding into another market, however, is not without its own risks, and some SME’s might not know how (or where) to even begin, how to develop and close opportunities, fund the expansion, etc.

An experienced partner can help you maximize your chances of success and take full advantage of this next growth phase of your business.

Headquarted in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy’s Northeast, Eurolink is led by Andrea Volpe.

After working with several SMEs to establish businesses in Central Europe and Asia, Andrea recognized that Italian businesses in Asia were running into strikingly similar challenges when operating abroad, such as:

  • Lack of knowledge of local rules and laws
  • Service providers overpromising and underdelivering
  • Corners cut unbeknownst to them, causing compliance issues down the road
  • Language difficulties or unfamiliarity with the market
  • Differing levels of reliability across multiple service providers

The Eurolink Geie Network

Andrea decided to create Eurolink as a network of professionals companies could rely on. He invited reliable and consistent service providers that he had worked with on behalf of clients on numerous projects to join Eurolink.

We have seen too many businesses come to us – after the fact – with the above-mentioned problems, which a cheaper provider caused by cutting corners or not fully informing the client about options, risks, and benefits.

The professionals in our network have worked extensively with foreign investors in their international markets. We know the ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of market entry and operational compliance. 

Growing your business in a foreign market is an exciting, if challenging, opportunity. Invest in the right provider to help you maximize your chances of success. A partner you can rely on to ensure your business is in full compliance of local regulations and set you up to succeed in your market.

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