Jan 14, 2020

Shanghai is adding 7,000 beds for the elderly, 200 more community dining areas, establishing 50 new community service centers for seniors citizens and renovating 2,000 beds to better take care of those with cognitive impairment, the government announced on Monday.

It also plans to open 600 nursery classes for primary school students during the summer vacation and add 50 new public nursery sites for local children.

Old gas risers at 90,000 local households will be renovated with 50 high-rise residential building and 50 old residential communities having their firefighting facilities updated.

Sewage treatment devices in 35,000 countryside households will be renovated and professional training provided to 2,000 farmers.

The government will help 8,000 young people who have been unemployed for a long period to find a job and train some 40,000 certified housekeepers.

Three hundred local rest sites for those working outside, such as sanitation workers, will be updated with more facilities. Telecom discounts will be given to the city’s 20,000 residents with hearing or speaking problems.

Eleven new branches of local medical emergency centers will be built and 100 “health stations” with self-service body check machines will be added to local communities, commercial buildings and industrial parks.

Five hundred residential complexes will have new charging facilities for electric bicycles. Community affair service centers in 100 communities will add quick residence permit application as one of their services.

The flooding problem on 11 downtown roads will be improved as well as road congestion at 50 sites. Sixty-five more bus routes will have a real-time arrival information service and 100 new taxi waiting zones will be set in downtown areas.

A hundred fitness lanes, 500 fitness sites and 80 multifunctional sports courts will be built or renovated.

The government said it will also build greenways with a total length of 200 kilometers and build or renovate nine new riverside stations where residents can use restrooms, take a break or buy things from vending machines. More services will be provided in these stations.