Legal Advice

In any law firm that belongs to The Network Eurolink there are experts in international law and civil law.

The following range of assistence to the customers is provided:

  • The establishment of the company, branch, representative office and joint ventures abroad
  • In business negotiations
  • The preparation and drafting of contracts
  • The acquisition and transfer of real estate, including succession
  • The protection of intellectual property rights (protection of trademarks and patents)

Accounting Tax and Compliance

The services offered by The Network Eurolink Accountants are as follows

  • Accounting and editing of the financial statements
  • Periodic budgets, budget analysis, control of production costs, management control system
  • The fiscal and administrative fullfilments
  • Valuations and appraisals(expertises, examinations)
  • Financial audit and due diligence
  • Tax advice and assistance in legal disputes

Payroll and Human Resource

The Network Eurolink consultants assists their customers who wants to work abroad supporting them in major strategic decisions related to personnel, through the performance of the following services:

  • Study of the optimal solution in compliance with national and international rules, verification of tax and social security obligations in cases of workers mobility between different states
  • Costs determination and definition of remuneration policies
  • Personnel management, recruitment, pay roll processing
  • Tax compliance, social security and administrative compliance

Grants and Funds

In each country covered by The Network Eurolink the area of Grants and Funding is present. This area is specialized in supporting companies in their internationalization process by seeking funding and grants to cover the costs of market penetration and international cooperation.

The following services will be performed:

  • Research of local, regional, national and EU facilitation
  • Verification of subjective and objective requirements, identification of opportunities, timing
  • Preparation and presentation of the application form
  • Support in the development of the project, monitoring and assistance

Business Advisory

The Network Eurolink is able to assist his customer firms through the processing of internationalization supporting them with the following services:


  • Support in dealing contacts with suppliers and/or sellers
  • Support in creating networks of distributors (stockists/marketers whole sellers)
  • Products research
  • Marketing
  • Research of companies in the role of clients

Assistance and strategic support to improve the commercial activity and relations with the foreign market

  • Market research
  • Search of arrangements in taking part to fairs/exhibitions and visiting firms
  • Quality certification
  • Translations in English, German, English, Slovenian, Chinese Mandaring language
  • (Start Up) opening of representative office
  • Firm founding in Foreign territories

Assistance in promoting and establishing partnership or cooperation among European firms and Asian ones.
Particularly we might look for materials and components.
And offer our assistance to produce both semi processed and manufactured goods in the Foreign territory.