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Whether you are a new entry to the market, or an established player, sometimes your business may encounter challenges not easily solved by local management. In these cases, bringing in a Temporary Manager (TM) can be a game changer. This on-the-ground expert is familiar with the rules and dynamics of your target market and can introduce a fresh perspective and expertise to ongoing problems.

TMs can also help you develop your businesses activities, online and offline. To maximize your opportunities, it is critical to have a deep understanding and appreciation of your target market’s language and business environment. When you bring on an experienced 3rd party to aid in your expansion plans, you will gain that knowledge and an equally important asset: time.

Eurolink, with its network of professionals across the world, can assist you in expanding your customer base in foreign markets. Covering a multitude of disciplines, our experts can help both strategically and operationally.

Benefits of Eurolink

When you tap into the Eurolink network, you can find trusted advisors to assist with a range of different services you may require while expanding abroad. Our network of professionals has helped countless foreign companies internationalize in Asia and Central/Eastern Europe.

Dedicated Project Manager

An internationalization expert will have a full view of your project and understand how all the pieces fit together, whether related to market entry, legal, tax, etc., and in one or many locations.


Your project manager will be there every step of the process and will make sure you are fully informed about options, risks and benefits.

No language barriers

Expanding internationally comes with the added challenge of understanding and being understood. Our professionals can speak both the local language and yours.

Time Saved

Avoid having to shop around for and then manage multiple vendors all while tackling global expansion.

Vetted Experts

When entering a new market for the first time, it is important you can trust the people you work with. We work only with the best and most reliable.

Familiarity with Local Laws

Local regulations can be complex and in developing economies – change rapidly. Our experts remain on top of regulatory updates.

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