November 15, 2021

Pechino e la nuova campagna contro le criptovalute

 Mentre l’ascesa delle criptovalute continua inarrestabile, come dimostrato dal nuovo recente massimo storico raggiunto da Bitcoin ed Ethereum, la Cina ha deciso di reprimere tutte le attività collegate alle valute digitali, tranne il loro possesso, almeno per ora.
September 13, 2021

Nuova guida “L’internazionalizzazione delle imprese”

Se stai pensando di ampliare la tua attività sui mercati esteri, questo strumento ti può offrire una prima panoramica di quali siano i passi da seguire e le principali problematiche da affrontare con un accenno alle soluzioni più comuni.
June 7, 2021

Pechino e la sua valuta digitale

La Repubblica Popolare Cinese si configura oggi come pioniere nell’introduzione di una nuova valuta digitale. La seguente analisi muove da considerazioni di carattere generale riguardanti le CBDC e analizza le caratteristiche chiave della valuta digitale di Pechino, nonché i riflessi di carattere geopolitico legati ad una sua implementazione.
February 25, 2021

China unveils guidelines on developing comprehensive transport network

China has unveiled plans to build the country’s strength in the transport sector over the next 15 years, setting long-term goals for the industry, with the aim of developing a modern, high-quality and comprehensive national transport network. By 2035, the country’s transport network should be convenient, cost-effective, green, intelligent and safe, according to the guidelines...
September 3, 2020


La DG TAXUD - Direzione Generale della Commissione europea, responsabile della politica UE in materia di fiscalità e dogane - ha pubblicato sul proprio sito il documento di orientamento con carattere esplicativo e illustrativo.
June 10, 2020

Vietnam-EU Trade: EVFTA Ratified by Vietnam’s National Assembly

Vietnam’s National Assembly on June 8 ratified the European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) paving the way for it to take effect sometime in July or August this year. The agreement was unanimously approved with 94.62 percent of lawmakers in favor of the EVFTA and 95.65 percent in favor...
September 27, 2019

India’s tax cut

Corporate rates slashed to encourage investment and revitalize economy
July 26, 2019

Vietnam’s Tax Administration Law Reform to Take Effect from July 2020

Vietnam’s National Assembly in June approved a new Law on Tax Administration 38/2019/QH14. The new law will take effect from July 2020. As with most new laws, the authorities are expected to provide additional circulars and decrees on details and guidance on the changes. We highlight some major points of the new law. Tax authorities...
September 4, 2018

Che cos’è

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June 4, 2018

Why India?

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April 20, 2018

China’s reduced VAT rates

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) recently released the Circular about Adjusting the Rates on Value-added Tax...
February 8, 2018

Salari, imposte dirette e previdenza sociale a Singapore

Salari, imposte dirette e previdenza sociale a Singapore A cura dell’Italian Desk di Dezan Shira & Associates È importante per le società che operano e assumono dipendenti a Singapore comprendere gli elementi essenziali per una corretta gestione dei libri paga, rimanendo aggiornati sulle normative in riferimento al mercato del lavoro e dei contributi previdenziali. Il...
May 4, 2017

New China’s business registration process

Companies that would like to set up in China will benefit from a more efficient corporate registration process by the end of October this year. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) released an opinion on April 11 that outlined its digitization effort, which will entail the construction of a nationwide digitized corporate registration...
April 4, 2017

Cambodia’s FDI Outlook for 2017: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Cambodia has achieved GDP growth averaging seven percent per year over the past decade. Despite this growth, it remains one of the poorest nations in ASEAN. However, the Cambodian government has been working closely with a number of bilateral and multilateral donors, including the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the IMF, to improve conditions in...
March 30, 2017

Strong Growth Prospects for Luxury Market Investors in India

India is embracing luxury at its best. This increasing sense of ‘brand-consciousness’ among Indians is principally attributed to the country’s burgeoning aspirational and younger middle class. At the same time, increased internet penetration has also contributed to this consumer behavior, allowing consumers to search and satisfy their desire to own and possess designer brands. Taken...
March 15, 2017

Making Sense of China’s 2017 Economic Growth Target

During the annual Two Sessions meetings last weekend, China’s political leaders announced their economic growth targets for 2017. The affair produced few surprises: the government predictably released an economic and political agenda that stressed the importance of stability and continuity. Although the message was short on bold new policy announcements, the plan presented in Premier...
February 15, 2017

Motoring Ahead: Investing in India’s Automotive Industry

India is a global leader in the automotive sector, backed by its domestic production capacity, market size, and exports. On average, the country’s automobile sector boasts of an annual production of around 24 million vehicles; the sector also employs over 29 million people (directly and indirectly). Breaking down its global position by industry segment, India...
February 6, 2017

Evaluating Cambodia’s Tax Reform

  Cambodia’s updated Law on Financial Management for 2017 reflects the government’s ongoing efforts to revamp the country’s tax system and bring more businesses operating in the informal sector into the formal tax regime by offering incentives for small taxpayers. The amended laws, which came into effect on January 1, offer lower tax rates for small and...
January 30, 2017

Vietnam in 2017: Spotting Opportunities for FDI

  2016 has been a successful year for Vietnam, continuing its emergence as both a leading ASEAN economy and a global player. Falling commodity and energy prices and severe water shortages early in the year caused Vietnam’s failure to reach its goal of 6.7 percent GDP growth, but with a year-on-year growth of 6.2 percent the...
October 11, 2016

China’s free trade zones open further to foreign investments

  Last month, the State Council announced plans to adjust regulations regarding foreign investment into the Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian and Guangdong free trade zones (FTZs), which will significantly affect application and entry procedures. The adjustments are split two ways – some that simplify application procedures and the operation of foreign invested or joint venture enterprises, and...
October 11, 2016

Registered capital, company loans and the timely repatriation of profits for WFOEs in China

The Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) remains the most popular investment structure of foreign investors setting up a company in China. Early on in the process of incorporating a WFOE, investors are faced with the critical task of deciding how much Registered Capital to commit to their company. Because overcommitted funds may become idle and delay...
October 6, 2016

E-Commerce Cinese: regole, opportunità e rischi per le aziende Italiane

 Per le aziende italiane il settore del lusso rimane il più lucrativo punto di contatto con l’e-shopper cinese. Seguono il settore enogastronomico e quello dell’abbigliamento di alta gamma, insieme a pacchetti per la villeggiatura nel Bel Paese. In questo contesto e grazie al recente cambio di normativa riguardo l’e-commerce, oggi è possibile per le aziende...
October 6, 2016

Resolving Labor Conflicts: New Regulations on Wage Payment Methods in Shanghai

According to the Shanghai Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, a new regulation on wage payment methods for Shanghai-based organizations has been released and brought into effect on August 1, 2016. The new regulation, issued to replace the 2003 version, expands the scope of application and makes several clarifications and improvements on wage calculation...
October 6, 2016

China’s New Advertising Law: Key Considerations and Implications for Online Advertisers

The Chinese government has turned its attention toward greater regulation of advertising, and more recently of online advertising. Following in the footsteps of the amended Advertising Law implemented in 2015, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce’s (SAIC) Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising came into effect on September 1, 2016. The new...
September 6, 2015

Using WeChat to grow your business in China

In the world of mobile commerce, all eyes are on China. Even as China’s economy and overall retail sales growth drops, business-to-consumer (B2C) online sales are growing by 25 percent each year. Data gathered from iResearch in a March 2015 report states that China’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) of the mobile shopping market reached 929.71...
September 6, 2015

Reducing your China manufacturing costs

Reducing Your China Manufacturing Costs China is going through changes. Slowing growth and increasing production costs are coming into effect just as free trade agreements, other tax incentives, and even new regulatory changes are coming into play that open the China market even more to foreign investment. In this article we examine some tips for shaving costs...
July 18, 2015

Vietnam to see strong trade growth through 2030

HCMC – Vietnam’s strategic geographic location, low wages, and beneficial trade deals are set to make the country an increasingly important export destination both in Asia and throughout the world. In a recent report released by the bank HSBC, it has been revealed that Vietnam will see strong export growth through the year 2030. The...