May 29, 2017

Types of companies in Serbia

There are four main types of incorporation in Serbia: Limited liability company (‘d.o.o.’) Joint-stock company (‘a.d.’) General partnership (‘o.d.’) Limited partnership (‘k.d.’) There is also the possibility of establishing a ‘branch’ or ‘representative’ office, or for a sole proprietor to register as an entrepreneur or ‘preduzetnik’ and establish an agency on his or her behalf, an...
April 7, 2017

Framework of the Serbian Legal System

Source: www.lawinserbia.com Serbia has a civil law system, which means that law is codified, so courts solely interpret legislation rather than being bound by precedent (rule established in a previous legal case). Thus, there is no doctrine of precedent. Legislative Framework The Parliament is the supreme legislator. Certain bodies with executive powers, such as the...
March 7, 2017

Serbia’s Tech Boom – Outsourcing in Serbia

Source: Law In Serbia – www.lawinserbia.com Innovative information technology centers developing systems used worldwide, with ‘chillout’ zones for young, multilingual employees, may seem strange outside of California’s Silicon Valley, but Serbia’s growing information technology sector, which includes outsourcing as well as development, rests to no small extent on the country’s strong tradition of technical, scientific...